Table of content - Current Issue ( May -August' 22)


Volume 1 | Issue 2

Page Nos: 57



Dr Deepu George Mathew

Volume 1 | Issue 2

Page Nos: 58-59


Paul George, Consultant Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Former President, AOMSI

Volume 1 | Issue 2

Page Nos: 60-61


Demystifying immunopathology and clinical presentation in common desquamative gingivitis

Dhanapal Raghu, Mochamad Arief Erry, Kondreddy Kameshwari, Arunachalam Rajeev

Volume 1 | Issue 2

Page Nos: 62-65


Assessment of Prevalence of Post-Vaccine Covid-19 Infection Among Dental Professionals and Students of Dental Colleges in Ernakulam District: a Cross Sectional Study.

Aneta K Abraham, Paul Jose, D’ Lima Johnson Prakash, Parackal Senny Thomas, Nair Sruthi K, Reshma TS

Volume 1 | Issue 2

Page Nos: 66-71

Effect of Acute Water Immersion Stress on Immunity Markers of Albino Rats

Saliha CK

Volume 1 | Issue 2

Page Nos: 72-75

Knowledge, Attitude and Practices Regarding Pharmacological Methods of Tobacco Cessation among Dental Students and Dental Teaching Faculty in Ernakulam District, Kerala – a Questionnaire Study.

Subramaniam R, Kuruvilla Suneesh, Latti Pooja, Suresh Meenakshy, Ummer Musthaq, Lakshmi B, Pradeep Keerthana

Volume 1 | Issue 2

Page Nos: 76-83


Obturation of Primary Mandibular Second Molar without Permanent Successor using BiodentineTM: a Case Report

Thankachan Saranya P, Peter Joby, Jose Bijimol, Methippara John Joseph, Sebastian Ronin

Volume 1 | Issue 2

Page Nos: 84-88

Treatment of a Skeletal Class III Case with Conventional Orthognathic Surgical Approach

Sebastian Irin, Gopikrishnan S, George Pradeep Philip, Eldhose K G

Volume 1 | Issue 2

Page Nos: 89-96

Bilateral Sagittal Split Osteotomy: a Case Report

Eldhose K.G, Steaphen Paul, Jose Anu, Abraham Sumary

Volume 1 | Issue 2

Page Nos: 97-100


Tooth Hamartoma : a Case Report

George Jiss Mary, Kunjmon Renju M, James Jeslin

Volume 1 | Issue 2

Page Nos: 101-104